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The programmatic industry is integral to providing advertising to a precise target audience, based on factors such as age, demographic, and behaviour on devices. As consumer data is used to target these ads, programmatic advertising is hailed as a hugely precise form of advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions About Careers in Programmatics

Some tools relating to programmatic advertising jobs in the industry include OpenX, DART, Trade Desk, Dv360, Xandr, Double Verify, IAS, Liveramp, Magnite and AdRoll. Upskilling in these tools will allow you to progress faster if you change your workplace, and will allow you to have a much larger perspective of the industry as a whole.

Current trends in programmatic marketing jobs indicate that agencies, AdTechs, and Publishers are actively hiring, and industries including video and CTV are thriving. Short form content from social media like TikTok is also growing fast, meaning that there is a demand for programmatic advertising roles in social media contexts.

However, there are concerns in the industry relating to privacy laws, data protection and data ownership, which can be detrimental to companies.

As of 2022, 26% of US employees work remotely, and by 2025, there are expected to be around 36.2 million remote workers in the US. A larger number of companies are remaining focused on a hybrid working model, with part-time hours in an office environment, but this depends on each individual business.

You can check the average salary for the role you want to apply for by using a benchmarking tool to create an average number, which will tell you the average salary for businesses in your area.

However, if you are applying for programmatic jobs in London, for example, be aware that salaries may differ. The importance of benchmarking your salary cannot be underestimated, as it improves employee retention and satisfaction.

An important point to remember is that salary will also vary according to your experience in the industry, your job title, the size of the company, and seniority within your team and organisation.

Take a look at our salary guides for the UK and the US to find out more about the average salary in each sector within your capabilities and experience.

When responding to programmatic job advertising, you’ll want to ensure that you highlight the most attractive skill set on your CV. To succeed in the programmatic industry, you will need to have a deep understanding of your marketplace, be able to identify with consumers and optimise their experience accordingly, and be vigilant against ad fraud.

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