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Programmatic Supervisor – Health Media Agency – Chicago


This is an exciting opportunity for a Programmatic Supervisor to join a Leading Health Media Agency in the US!

About them:

We are designed for—and dedicated to—delivering best-in-class solutions that connect people with meaningful health and wellness solutions every day. Guided by our genuine passion for health and wellness, our work across the entire media ecosystem helps real patients navigate the most pivotal moments of their healthcare journeys. We are a part of the largest Healthcare Communications network in the world and the number one buyer of media in the US. This gives us access to talent, technology and data to help us deliver the market-leading solutions that give our clients true competitive advantage. While we have grown to be the No. 1 agency in our industry, at heart we're still a startup. It's that energy and spirit of innovation that allows us to create bold and meaningful "health media firsts" for our clients, and to do it all with love. We are united around one purpose: to create a world where people are equipped and motivated to take control of their health. We transform healthcare marketing and communications into healthcare engagement. We believe healthcare marketing is healthcare, fostering healthy conversations, healthy behaviors and healthy people.

Job Description

  • Train and manage junior team (manager/s and associate/s) on all aspects of programmatic buying and related deliverables
  • Provide senior level programmatic expertise to internal and external teams (clients, Business Intelligence, Media, agency partners, etc.)
  • Develop and maintain relationships with data, inventory, and platform partners
  • Lead programmatic teams to successfully optimize campaigns and complete strategic recommendations to further account successes
  • Establish best practices, build case studies, and implement process to generate workflow efficiencies across the practice
  • Effectively manage resources to meet and exceed service level expectations
  • Continuously challenge team members (at all levels) to embrace forward thinking solutions across an ever changing industry landscape
  • Write POVs from a programmatic perspective on trends, products, and industry news
  • Manage the ideation, business relationship, and activation of new 1st to market programmatic offerings
  • Provide holistic digital thought leadership
  • Drive client business outcomes through actionable programmatic solutions across accounts


  • Proven abilities to understand complex subject matters while being able to translate them to various audiences in a simplistic manner
  • Team management skills that build trust, collaboration, and knowledge sharing with proven ability to get the most out of your team
  • 5+ years in digital media with an increasing focus on programmatic
  • Effective communicator and collaborator, with an ability to set expectations and meet deadlines
  • Proficient in Excel, with demonstrated ability to organize and consolidate multiple data sources for analysis
  • Solution-oriented problem solver with a very keen eye for details
  • Experience navigating conflict resolution with internal and external teams alike
  • Strong PowerPoint and storytelling skills

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for this role register now via the link on this page or contact Digital Republic Talent on the phone 020 8146 6294 or email [email protected]

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