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Senior AI Engineer – FinTech Business – US (Remote) – $200,000


Company & Role

This business stands as a worldwide financial technology company, catering to consumers and enterprise clients across the globe with inventive products and services. Their offerings include prepaid, debit, secured credit, cross-border payments, and loyalty solutions. These products empower customers with secure and convenient access to global payment networks, facilitating effective money management and seamless everyday purchases. In the pivotal Senior AI Engineer role, you will tackle domain-specific challenges, particularly in smart assistant technology, fraud detection, risk management, marketing, conversions, pricing, and other focal areas within the fintech and payment sector. Your innovative mindset will serve as the catalyst for identifying and applying novel methodologies and algorithms, leading to transformative solutions in predictive analytics, customer behaviour analysis, conversion optimization, risk mitigation, fraud prevention, and beyond.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Pioneer, conceptualize, and spearhead the deployment of cutting-edge generative AI and deep learning solutions, focusing on critical operational domains such as fraud prevention, risk analysis, and personalized marketing strategies within the payment card sector
  • Direct the AI Center of Excellence, charting the strategic course for groundbreaking research in predictive decision-making, customer engagement, security, and customized financial solutions
  • Stay ahead of the curve in generative AI, deep learning, and a diverse array of AI/ML techniques
  • Promote synergies by collaborating with data scientists, product developers, and security experts
  • Ensure the utmost standards of system scalability & efficiency with all AI-driven initiatives adhering to rigorous quality, testing, and performance benchmarks
  • Lead both exploratory and applied research endeavors, translating emerging AI/ML breakthroughs into effective, cost-efficient, and superior technological solutions
  • Cultivate a culture of mentorship, continuous learning, and commitment to excellence, guiding the professional growth of junior engineers

Experience Required

  • Master’s or PhD in Com Sci, AI, ML, or a related field
  • Over 5 years of extensive professional experience in AI/ML engineering, with significant expertise in generative AI, deep learning, and a diverse range of AI/ML methodologies
  • Proven track record of successfully leading impactful AI initiatives, showcasing substantial improvements in finance or payment-related sectors
  • Proficient in programming languages (Python, Java, Scala) and well-versed in AI/ML frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch) and related technologies
  • Exceptional communication skills, capable of translating complex technical information for diverse stakeholders, influencing company-wide, data-driven decision-making
  • Industry knowledge in the payment card ecosystem or other financial areas will be advantageous
  • Outstanding strategic vision, problem-solving acumen, and leadership qualities

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Senior AI Engineer role register now via the link on this page or contact Digital Republic Talent by calling +44 20 8126 6105 or emailing [email protected]. You can also visit our Job Vacancies page to see other opportunities.

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