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Digital Republic Recruitment’s 3 Year Anniversary

Digital Republic Recruitment turns 3!


3 years ago, Richard Manso started Digital Republic Recruitment. We sat down with him to mark this special occasion and ask him how he feels three years after going at it alone.


Q: Digital Republic started three years ago, what made you start on your own?

Richard: That’s a good question actually! I did some work for a client with my last company and became really passionate about the digital economy and where it is going. What was also clear  was that there was a gap in the market for a data-lead digital recruitment agency and having considered with the idea of asking my last company to set in the area I felt that the only way to really see my vision come to life was to do this on my own

Lastly, there has been a lot said about recruitment agencies and I wanted to create a vehicle to influence the area in a positive way. Whether that be as an employer or recruiter helping our candidates and clients; hence Digital Republic Recruitment was born.


Q: What was the biggest learning curve you encountered when starting your own company?

Richard: Running a company is definitely very different from working for someone else and it is a big challenge to staying on top of everything! I also think that not trying to run before I can walk has been a good lesson for me. Getting to know the digital community and how different they operate compared to IT professionals has also been interesting


Q: Three years later, what feels like your biggest achievement and why?

Richard: It has been a really exciting three years marked by many achievements, from successfully placing over 150 candidates, working with our first non UK clients in places like Germany, Switzerland, Spain and New York to becoming a profitable young business. But for me the biggest achievement is still being in business three years after opening the doors and being recognised within the market place as respected provider of Digital Analytics, Programmatic, Optimisation and Data Science services.


Q: Where do you see Digital Republic Recruitment in three years time?

Richard: Our big goal is to continue to proliferate the brand and create a respected movement within the community based on the quality of our work.  We plan to set up a dedicated overseas office ( most likely in Germany ) and we expect to have significantly increased headcount, providing people who join our company a platform to influence the success of the digital economy whilst creating exciting careers for themselves!


Q: What makes Digital Republic the success story it is?

Richard: I think its the fact we have a really unique and clear proposition which is based on our dedication to data driven digital. We have also been fortunate enough to build relationships with some fantastic clients in media, publishing, agency, financial services, charity, telecoms, manufacturing and e-commerce sectors. Also with some brilliant professionals who are very clearly experts in their fields do some really clever things with digital data.

The biggest success story, however, is the people who work hard for Digital Republic Recruitment. Every day they take the brand to the next level. As we all know it’s the people who make the company and not vice versa. I feed off the enthusiasm, creativity and passionate energy of the people who speak to customers on behalf of the business.


Happy Birthday Digital Republic! Here’s to plenty more prosperous years making waves in the digital economy! 


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