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How Digital Marketing is Changing Business Year on Year

As digital marketing overtakes traditional marketing strategies on a global scale, technology is continuing to develop in tandem to supplement the needs of both consumers and businesses. However, are all the changes for a universal benefit?

2023 Digital Marketing trends are continuing to point towards astronomical progress for short form content in social media marketing, and the prevalence of Open AI chat software is making its mark on how we tackle digital marketing.

As the evolution of digital marketing continues into 2023, we’ve put together a list of reasons why digital marketing is changing faces under the influence of Open AI and social media marketing.

How is Open AI Software Changing the Face of Digital Marketing?

For many years, chatbot software has been used for the benefit of online businesses offering customer service, or to be used as a problem solving tool. However, the implementation of the OpenAI chat service ChatGPT has caused a stir in the digital marketing industry like no other.

For the first time, businesses are turning to artificial intelligence for their marketing needs. The interface of Chat GPT means that conversations with customers are human-like, succinct, and incredibly convincing. 

Using AI software for customer service can help to reduce operational costs, but Chat GPT  can also be used as a creative tool for writing social media captions, essays and writing computer code. 

However, as the software is still in its infancy, its reliability remains to be tested for the moment. The risk of plagiarism haunts users of Chat GPT, as the sources of the bot’s information remain unclear. More intricate ideas and information may be better sought from alternative sources.

How is Short Form Content Like TikTok Changing the Way We Advertise?

The rise of the social media giant TikTok has irrevocably changed the way businesses advertise.

The short form content that is promoted through TikTok is quickly changing the way that consumers interact with promoted content. 

Some of the biggest trends to look out for in 2023 include soundless optimisation – a way to ensure that the target audience is reached, even with default muted settings for scrolling videos; product teasers for building anticipation; and influencer advertising through short form platforms like TikTok.

The TikTok shop acts as an easy and quick way for users to make money by demonstrating products and linking into the video. Although this can be a brilliantly executed way of cheap advertising, many TikTok users are often regular people, with no media training, and little education on legislation relating to advertising. 

Therefore, the risk of misinformation is high, and the temptation to exaggerate or even falsify information without regulation can be a shady process. Often post engagement and sales as an affiliate or merchant can affect the performance of the user’s account. 

Furthermore, the nature of short form content means that it is highly digestible by the consumer and therefore perceived as more reliable. 

Research has shown that TikTok influencers are statistically more trusted than means of traditional advertising – 66% of users aged between 18-29 are trusting of influencers, and the personal relationship they build with followers only compounds this further. 

Overall, the nature of how we navigate digital marketing is changing year on year. The rise of short form content on social media platforms creates the opportunity for cheap and trustworthy advertising, and the development of technology with artificial intelligence allows for the fast creation of simple content and code related tasks.

Although software like Chat GPT is evolving over time, it does not yet have the power to disrupt jobs and create unemployment, but as the software is designed to learn from its interactions, this may change in the future.

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