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How to Attract, Engage and Retain Top Talent in 2023

Your staff body makes up the exoskeleton of your business, so ensuring that you attract, engage and retain the best talent in your industry is crucial to enabling your company to grow substantially.

To achieve this, it might be wise to focus on select areas that will help your company to attract and retain top talent throughout your talent selection process.

How Do I Attract Top Talent for My Company?

Many would argue that attracting top talent in your business is all about encapsulating what your applicants need, while encouraging a healthy culture of productivity.

One way to attract a diversely talented workforce is to reduce bias in company job descriptions.

In 2018, The Guardian reported on the benefits of policies like ‘name-blind recruitment’, which removes unconscious bias relating to gender, race and culture.

Additionally, investing in your employer value proposition as a business will also lead to more applicants becoming attracted to roles by enhancing your employer brand and your offering to applicants in exchange for their skill set. 

You can achieve this by utilising external partnerships like career fairs to increase your business’ exposure to fresh and diverse talent pools.

How Do I Engage Top Talent?

Everybody wants to feel like their employer is invested in the work they do. That’s why setting clear targets, objectives and feedback can be monumental in helping an employee to feel seen, heard and appreciated. 

To achieve this, take time to organise regular performance reviews with employees, focusing on areas of success with equal measure as areas of improvement. Reward hard work, positive performance and innovative ideas to encourage growth.

How Do I Retain Top Talent?

In 2016, Forbes published a revolutionary article that underlined the importance of creating a workplace culture that emphasises the importance of new opportunities and growth.

Set your employees up to succeed with a watertight onboarding programme and allow them to have autonomy over their career progression. Offer employees a fair remuneration package, as studies have shown that most will leave a job post due to pay and remuneration issues. 

Flexi-working has become increasingly popular in recent years, and can be a huge help for parents and carers, and allows employees to take back some autonomy over their working hours without compromising on productivity. 

In fact, studies have shown that flexible working arrangements are more likely to increase workplace happiness, leading to better productivity output from remote employees.

Additionally, you could create a culture of psychological safety, and a policy of open communication for general feedback, as well as concerns or worries. This ensures that employees feel safe and happy in employment, and can help to shape an exemplary working environment for all.

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