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Innovative Recruiting Strategies You May Want to Try This Year

Tired of depending on job fairs, referrals, and the internet to source top candidates?

Never fear! Year after year, companies become increasingly more creative about how, where, and when they reach out to job applicants, and this year has taken it to a whole new level.

Using your phone every which way – from snaps to texts to apps – it’s never been easier to attract and recruit candidates. Get inspired by the ways in which these companies are using these super innovative recruiting strategies.

McDonald’s uses Snapchat for innovative recruiting strategy

McSnapchat, anyone? In an effort to capture the attention of Millennials looking for work, McDonald’s has been running 10-second Snapchat ads of current employees talking about their work.

Even cooler, though, is that job seekers in Australia can use Snapchat as a “Snapplication.” They’re invited to activate the “crew” lens, which will give them a McDonald’s hat and name tag, and share a 10-second introduction with the manager of their local restaurant.

This feature is only available in Australia, but users in other countries can swipe left to be taken right to a job application.

Tufts Health Plan welcomes back boomerang employees

Have you ever left a job and quickly realized it wasn’t the right move for you? Then you know just how cool it is that Tufts Health Plan embraces – and calls out – “boomerang” employees who leave and come back.

Each employee offers a different reason to come back – the customers for some, the unique culture for others – but whatever their reason, if there’s an opening and a good fit, #THPboomerangs are welcomed back with open arms. Cool, right?

PwC hosts a monthly podcast to humanize today’s workplace challenges

PwC is working to advance the voices of diverse populations within and beyond the firm, and encourage its people to be open and honest with their family and personal needs, with the firm’s first podcast series “Pursuit of Happiness.” Created and hosted by Diversity Strategy Leader Jennifer Allyn, the podcast goes behind the scenes of everyday life with partners and staff to help team members listen, learn and be inspired by colleagues as they grapple with the challenges and joys of living fulfilling personal and professional lives. PwC aims to not only be a place where everyone can come to work as their true selves, but also share tools and resources to help new and experienced professionals do the same.

National Football League screens with an online personality test

If you want to go pro with the National Football League (NFL), you’ve got to test well. Your personality does, at least! The NFL uses the Wonderlic test to assess cognitive ability, motivation, and personality, and, while it’s not been proven to affect performance over time, every team in the NFL takes the score seriously.

Johnson & Johnson uses text recruiting technique to attract new employees (and ditches gender bias)

It might seem like using a texting app for recruitment is all about being able to follow your job application on your phone. But in reality, Johnson & Johnson has seen a much bigger benefit from using the text recruiting app Text.io: less gender bias. The company reports a 9% increase in female applicants after using the app to review the language of its job postings. Faster responses, greater application transparency, and more gender-neutral language? Win-win-win!

Johnson & Johnson also lets candidates know where they stand

Another cool recruiting move by Johnson & Johnson? Its new candidate experience platform, Shine, which is touted to give you back control of your job search for a more engaging (and transparent) application experience. Shine gives you automatic updates about your job application and tells you when you can expect to hear back next. In the meantime, you’re welcome to dive into employee testimonials about working there and articles and videos that will help you interview better. Very cool, indeed!

Goldman Sachs welcomes professionals back to work

Moms returning to the workplace after taking a few years off to raise children. Soldiers going back to work after taking a break to recover from deployment. These are just a few of the underserved populations Goldman Sachs is trying to reach with its Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program, which provides resources and an internship opportunity to individuals who have been out of the workforce for two or more years.

Walmart eCommerce recruits with virtual reality

The hiring team at Walmart knows that attracting and hiring Millennials and Gen Z-ers is an essential piece of any recruiting strategy. That’s why earlier this year the company launched a cross-country virtual reality (VR) tour called, “Change the Way the World Shops,” which brings exhibits, touchscreens, and role-specific challenges to candidates door’s (er, dorm, since all of the tour stops are at major colleges and universities.)

Once candidates are hired, the VR continues: Walmart stores also welcomed VR headsets into the Walmart Academy with a VR associate training program. The program lets new hires experience different on-the-job scenarios – both day to day like restocking the aisles to rare like Black Friday shopping – in 30 different “academies,” so you know what to do before it happens in real life.

Originally posted by Sarah Greesonbach.

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