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Planning on Moving Jobs in 2023? Here’s How to Start Now

Moving jobs has been hailed as one of the most stressful life events, but starting a new
chapter in a career can also be essential for maintaining well being by giving you the
opportunity to embrace a new role in your dream sector.

New Year, New Start, New Career

The “new year, new me” mantra is a common marketing technique for most commercial
industries. It mainly focuses on diet and wellbeing, under the premise of improving yourself.
However, beginning a new career might just be the change you need to make in your life at
the start of 2023. If you’re looking to embark on a new adventure, read on to discover how to prepare for
changing jobs in the new year, and reduce your stress levels while you do!

How Do I Know I Need to Move Jobs?

One of the questions you should probably ask yourself is: are you happy in your current
role? Continually assessing your happiness, progression rate, and relationship with your
management is a great way to figure out whether you should remain where you are.
If your level of job satisfaction is low, and there’s no way of progressing in your place of
employment, it may be time to move on.

How Do I Increase My Chances of Getting an Interview?

When you’re ready to move jobs, keep an eye on current vacancies, and tailor your CV to
each role you apply for. This means that each recruitment manager can see how your experience relates to the job description, and they’re more likely to invite you back for an interview. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback after an unsuccessful interview – acting on this may help
you secure another role in the future!

How Do I Shine In My Interview?

Attending a job interview is an incredibly exciting occasion, though many can view it as a
daunting process. Job interviews are the perfect environment to prove your skill set, display your best
qualities, and convince your interviewer that you are the best person for the role.

To succeed in an interview, you may want to run through your CV beforehand, and be ready
to talk about any of your documented experiences. Your interviewer will want to get to
know your personality, and hear about your journey to application.
Studies researching recruitment have shown that interviewers create a first impression
within the first 90 seconds of meeting you, so entering the interview confidently with a
smile, firm handshake and answering questions clearly and concisely will go a long way.
Feel free to ask questions during your interview. For example, you could ask whether you
require a uniform, if you can prepare for the role beforehand, or what the structure of a
typical day might look like. This shows you have an active interest in the job, and will help
you engage with your interviewer.

Similarly, don’t be afraid to show your personality either, as having an appropriate sense of
humour and making an effort to engage in conversation with your interviewer will break the
ice and help you dissipate those nerves.

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