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Spotify’s 5 Global Millennial And Gen Z Trends

Source: campaignlive.co.uk

The digital music service has released its first annual Culture Next Trends Report.

What’s driving Gen Z and Millennials when it comes to digital media, technology, fashion, music, sports and more? In a new research study, Spotify has discovered five key global trends that can help marketers and content creators better connect with these important young consumer groups.

Spotify’s first annual “Culture Next Trends Report” leveraged first-party data, focus groups and surveys to gather insights from 4,000 respondents between 15 and 37 across Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, U.K., Germany, France and the U.S.

Check out the five defining traits of Gen Z and Millennials below.

  • All the Feels: Gen Zers and Millennials are in touch with their feelings and are not afraid to express themselves. Half of the respondents said they feel a strong bond when sharing feelings, including sadness and loneliness.
  • Band of Others: They believe music allows people to connect with one another and with different cultures, and they listen to more international music than any other demographic. Also, 40 percent of participants view themselves more as a global citizen than a member of their own country
  • Subliminal Attraction: Digital life influences real life for these groups and discovery – new experiences, hobbies, ideas – is key. One in four respondents said that culture isn’t influenced by just one force, but by all forces, such as politicians, brands and celebrities. 
  • PolyFly: Politics matter to Gen Z and Millennials. Nearly seven in 10 (68 percent) said brands need to promote more progressive values and play a more meaningful role in society.
  • Surround Sound: They use audio as an escape from their screens, according to 56 percent of respondents. Audio also is a huge part of their everyday lives, rather than just background noise.

Originally published by Lindsay Stein.

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