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Steve Carrod – The Evolution Of Digital

As part of our 5th business anniversary and company rebrand, we are continuing our discussions with the industry-leading digital practitioners to get their insights on some of the major topics in the modern-day.

Today our special guest is Steve Carrod, a Co-Owner and Managing Director of a leading digital experience enablement consultancy DMPG. Steve has been working in the digital industry for 17 years now. Steve’s expertise lies in digital marketing strategy, digital analytics, CRO/Personalisation and SEO. His experience has been gathered via a number of roles spanning agencies and client-direct both in the UK and in the US before establishing DMPG.

Operating globally, DMPG is a highly experienced team of digital experience enablement specialists certified in the Google and Adobe MarTech stacks. They provide data layer, analytics, tag management, conversion rate optimisation, personalisation, marketing automation services and customised training programmes. They work in partnership with their clients rather than offering very strict engagement options. In many cases, they become an extension of the internal team to provide on-going support and training. Steve’s main focus is on providing strategic advice and guidance to clients and ensuring all projects are delivered to the highest level.

In today’s discussion with our Founder and Managing Director Richard Manso, Steve provides an insightful overview of the evolution of the digital sector from 2005 until the present time and makes predictions for the future 5 years, discussing major trends, challenges and opportunities…

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