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The Overview – What Tech and Digital Market is Saying…

At Digital Republic Talent, we’re in the privileged position of being able to speak and engage with great people day in and day out. 

Whilst first and foremost our role as a recruitment agency is to match top talent with top jobs across the wonderful world of tech and digital, we also make a point to truly understand what people want from their work.

Whether embarking on your job search or looking to do better with your candidate attraction and retention, understanding the market is invaluable. 

That’s why, over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered some of our own insight around career priorities, workplace challenges and the interview process to share with you.

Mental health and wellbeing on a par with increased earnings

Go back a few years and when asked about career priorities no doubt ‘to increase earnings’ would come out on top for the majority.

In 2022 however, mental health and wellbeing has become a key consideration for talent, along with boosting their earnings, as people become more open and accepting of the challenges they face and the need to find balance between work and homelife.

More responsibility and progression opportunities ranked third, perhaps due in part to the link between responsibility and the impact on mental health, particularly during more recent times.

Workplace culture is key to retention

Facilitating a toxic environment will always lead to people leaving and this is true of nearly half of the people we surveyed, who said it was the most prominent reason behind their decision to leave their last job. 

Perhaps, linking back to the career priorities above, salary was the most popular reason for leaving for a third of respondents and 19% said boring work was to blame.

It would be interesting to see how many felt that due to working restrictions and having to work from home, their work became more boring as a result of losing the office environment and culture they were used to.

Work from home in the run-up to the weekend

Getting out of the office and working from home on a Thursday or Friday proved to be the most popular option for more than half of those who answered. This is no doubt driven by people looking ahead to the weekend and starting their wind down from work whilst at home.

Equally, starting the week working from home proved popular for many, while in contrast, breaking up the week did not. 

This was interesting and may have something to do with feeling like they need the office environment or in-person collaboration on tasks during the middle of the week if they’re to achieve what they need to at the end of it.

Keep your interview process short

Companies that hang about and draw out their interview process are losing out on top candidates in the current market.

A two-interview process is the most favourable and makes the most sense to both the candidate and employer. Two stage interviews give you the opportunity to shine, ask more questions, meet more people and for both candidate and employer to get a better sense of what each can offer.

Any shorter than that and you risk making a decision without knowing the full picture. Any longer, and there’s the potential to put people off and risk missing out on great candidates.

For more information on any of the results or for helping securing your next role or employee, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Digital Republic Talent.

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