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UK Digital Market Salary Survey – Q2 2020

Digital Republic Recruitment offers clients and candidates across the United Kingdom an unparalleled insight into the digital recruitment marketplace. As the thought leaders in the data-driven digital recruitment sphere, we have produced a comprehensive overview of digital market salary trends in London to understand how (if at all) the coronavirus crisis has impacted the digital practitioners’ remuneration. 

Our salary survey is based on a combination of internal and industry data and it presents both permanent and contract salary statistics and historical trends across the five digital sub-sectors which include digital analytics/insight, optimisation, programmatic, data science and cloud computing.

Table 1. Analytics, Permanent

Table 2. Insight, Permanent

Table 3. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Permanent

Table 4. Cloud, Permanent

Table 5. Data Science, Permanent

Table 6. Programmatic/Ad Ops, Permanent

Table 7. Digital Analytics, Contract

Table 8. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Contract

Table 9. Cloud, Contract

Table 10. Data Science, Contract

Table 11. Programmatic, Contract

Notes on data

*   Rank number based on salaries in London 3 months to 22nd of April 2020

**  Data based on median salaries in London 3 months to 22nd of April 2020

–  Not enough data to show the salary distribution

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