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US Digital Market Salary Survey – Q3 2020

Digital Republic Recruitment offers clients and candidates across the United States an unparalleled insight into the digital recruitment marketplace. As the thought leaders in the data-driven digital recruitment sphere in the United States, we have produced a comprehensive overview of digital market salary trends across various United States cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin to understand how (if at all) the coronavirus crisis has impacted the digital practitioners’ remuneration in Q3.

Our salary survey is based on a combination of internal and industry data and it presents average, low and high base pay distribution across five digital sub-sectors which includes digital analytics, programmatic, data science, cloud computing and optimization.

The main insights of the digital practitioners’ remuneration in Q3 are as follows:

  • Despite the economy showing signs of improvement in the labour market conditions and an expected at least slight upward trend on the average wage, the permanent salaries of Executives (0-2 years of experience) and Senior Executives (2-4 years of experience) across all digital sub-sectors in the main tech hubs in the US remained pretty much similar compared to Q2.
  • However, interestingly enough, Managers and Directors experienced an increase in their remuneration. The trend was most prevalent in the Digital Analytics (6.5% – 14% increase), Cloud (15.5% – 23.8% increase) and Programmatic (21% – 33% increase) markets across all cities. This perhaps could be explained that senior practitioners’ contribution to the overall organisational strategy is deemed to be more valuable, especially given the uncertain market conditions.
  • The highest increase was noticed in the remuneration of Senior Cloud Architecture and Programmatic practitioners based in Austin. From accelerator programs, to major fundings, to Big Tech companies choosing Austin as their home, it’s obvious that Austin is a booming tech hub for businesses and No.1 market for the job seekers in the digital sphere.

1. Digital Analytics

2. Digital Optimization / Digital Implementation

3. Programmatic

4. Data Science

5. Cloud Computing

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