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Why Hiring International Talent Makes Smart Business Sense

We are living in an increasingly connected world. Globalisation has taken hold of how we all conduct our business. Hiring international talent can provide your business with a wealth of advantages that will take your business further. In this era of global business, Digital Republic wanted to take the time to go over some things to consider when expanding the international reach of your company.

International talent brings a diverse set of unique experiences into the framework of your business. This vast experience translates into an acute expertise from all over the world. As your business expands into international markets, the potential customers and clients will see value in this expertise. Relationships make businesses successful, so take the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and make your business more recognisable around the world.

One obvious advantage to the hiring of international talent is the integration of new language skills. Languages are a valuable asset, providing your company with even more way to communicate with prospective clients and customers.

As digital takes over the world, skilled practitioners are in high demand, resulting a skills gap that has business fighting over the best talent, and governments implementing strategies to close the gap. According to Accenture, the U.K. alone forfeits £141.5 billion of GDP growth if the skills gap continues. You and your business can take advantage of this by getting ahead of the curve and investing in the abundance of digital talent in the rest of the world.


DR’s Tips:
  • Link your company’s required skills to aline with your ambitions of reaching new markets
  • Use video call technology to encourage interviewing international talent
  • Control expectations of the recruiting process when hiring international talent- it can be time consuming but worth it!
  • Don’t be shy to reach out for advice on sponsorship, from friends, colleagues or .gov
  • Get in contact with the DR team, and let us use our expertise to help strengthen your business today!



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