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AdStage makes the shift from ad management to campaign analytics & automation platform

AdStage makes the shift from ad management to campaign analytics & automation platform

The company focuses on providing data from across paid channels to help revenue-generating marketers execute faster with better results.

AdStage launched in 2013 as a platform for cross-channel (search and social) ad campaign management. In 2016, it launched cross-channel reporting and automation tools. Last year, the company launched its Universal Data API to power reporting and automation by bringing business intelligence and campaign data together. Now, the company officially moves away from its campaign management roots to become a holistic advertising analytics, reporting and automation platform.

Being subject to nearly constant changes of native ad platforms like AdWords and Facebook can be an unsteady business. AdStage touts its new positioning as providing “closed-loop” analytics, reporting and automation software for paid marketers with its suite of products: Report, Automate and Universal API. The aim is to give marketers real-time, unified access to their sales and lead performance data, along with campaign data across digital channels — thus closing the loop.

Among the customers AdStage is serving are those who’ve built businesses directly from scaling paid marketing efforts — direct-to-consumer mattress startup Purple and online fashion brand MVMT among them.

Bryant Garvin, director of YouTube, search and display advertising at Purple, which was recently acquired at a valuation of $1.1 billion, said his internal team had been spending hours manually pulling reports across channels, which isn’t a great use of time, particularly when the team has to operate at a positive ROAS. “The flexibility and feature set of AdStage has allowed us to automate tasks that were previously done manually. They also have a well-developed pipeline of new features in the works we are excited about!”

“At AdStage, we recognize that marketers are increasingly held to higher standards of ad measurement,” said Sahil Jain, AdStage’s CEO and co-founder, in a statement. “Marketers want more transparency into how clicks generate customers, and AdStage is committed to helping them connect the dots between clicks and revenue, analyze accurate, granular data and make changes quickly at scale.”

With Automate, advertisers can set campaign rules such as pausing ads that don’t hit a CPA target. The Report tool (shown below) provides a centralized view of campaign data across channels. The Universal Data API can be used to bring normalized ad and conversion data into a business intelligence tool, data warehouse, Google Data Studio or Google Sheets with one API call.