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Big data and how to use it: Our top 10 Analytics & Conversion columns for 2017

Big data and how to use it: Our top 10 Analytics & Conversion columns for 2017

In this roundup of the analytics topics that caught our audience’s interest this year, you’ll find techniques for utilizing sophisticated tools, as well as tips for landing page success and effective ad targeting.

Much has been written this year about dealing with the influx of data that modern marketers now receive as a matter of course — it’s an issue that many of us are facing these days. You’re expected to take advantage of all this data but not get overwhelmed or spend too much time focusing on the wrong things.

This year, Marketing Land columnists tried to ease this pain with articles about ways to zero in on the most impactful tactics, such as getting in-depth with Google Analytics and Attribution, improving your landing and product pages, and employing data to target ads on Facebook and elsewhere.

Following you’ll see our list of the top columns of the year in the Analytics & Conversion category, where you’ll find plenty of actionable info worth employing in the coming year.

  1. Are you leveraging these underutilized Google Analytics features? by David Booth, published on 2/27/2017.
  2. A 9-step guide to increase your landing page conversion rate by Khalid Saleh, published on 2/20/2017.
  3. A Google Attribution (and Attribution 360) readiness checklist by David Booth, published on 10/9/2017.
  4. 9 studies for landing pages that work by Brian Massey, published on 1/26/2017.
  5. UTM tags + Facebook ads = awesome by Brett Middleton, published on 3/22/2017.
  6. Digital analytics industry veteran roundup: What’s in store for 2017 by David Booth, published on 1/3/2017.
  7. How to inject urgency into your product pages by Ben Jacobson, published on 7/3/2017.
  8. If you want to deliver relevant ads, you’ve got to get better at using data by Grace Kaye, published on 5/8/2017.
  9. 4 advanced targeting strategies for B2B marketers by Jessica Cameron, published on 3/24/2017.
  10. Cheap data: You are about to get so much better at marketing by Brian Massey, published on 1/4/2017.