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DataSift partners with LinkedIn to take marketer insights to the next level through AI

DataSift partners with LinkedIn to take marketer insights to the next level through AI


Data marketing firm DataSift has announced it is to join forces with LinkedIn to provide greater insights into the Microsoft-owned B2B network for marketers.

The company, which describes itself as a ‘human data intelligence’ provider, is unveiling PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights, which gives users various methods of increasing their engagement, from discovering new audiences for brands and products, to benchmarking, and learning which content works best with audiences.

As the title of the product (below) suggests, it utilises DataSift’s PYLON technology, which processes LinkedIn’s news feed and the engagement around it, including clicks, impressions, shares, likes, and comments, and then uses artificial intelligence (AI) to get a firmer grip on the text, including companies and products mentioned. The data which is then spat out ‘allows marketers to perform multidimensional analysis across audience and engagement data and unlock valuable, actionable insights’, according to the press notes.

One satisfied customer is content marketing provider Publicis Media, which says it had started using the new product with UBS, one of its largest clients, and going forward from there.

“We now have a more in-depth understanding of our clients’ target audiences and can use the data to optimise campaigns on LinkedIn, as well as create and target custom audiences,” said Eleonore Laubier, business integration lead at Publicis in a statement. “It has also enabled us to identify the audiences generating the highest engagement and interest around our clients’ industries and key topics, and surface related trends that clients can capitalise on.”

While not being able to do it all itself, as this partnership notes, LinkedIn has in recent months bumped up its efforts to improve ROI on its platform. In June, the company launched programmatic buying for its display ads offering, while in September LinkedIn unveiled conversion tracking, enabling marketers to measure specific results from sponsored content and text advertisement campaigns.