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Programmatic Manager (UK)


A UK-based organisation focused on innovation and growth, with focus the value of the team, and their contributions for personal and team success. We recognise achievements, and in turn provide rapid career progression, in a welcoming, inclusive, and flexible work environment. Our outstanding culture has let us receive recognition as the second-best agency to work for in our sector, with this distinction of a leading employer expanding globally. Our shared goal is to lead the way in interconnected commerce marketing.

The role:

As a Programmatic Manager, you will have to lead the trading team, and oversee all programmatic campaigns. You will also be responsible for developing the company's strategy, and developing sustainable plans.


  • Leading and overseeing day-to-day programmatic trading activities
  • Supporting and coaching two programmatic executives
  • Significant contributions to overall programmatic strategy, including offering innovative strategies for current and emerging trends.
  • Overseeing the performance of all team campaigns, including the introduction of a quality assurance process.
  • Acting as an in-house expert, including assisting client teams
  • Managing end-to-end processes for the trading team
  • Collaborating with programmatic executives, to devise outstanding post-campaign analysis, and client brief responses
  • Identify potential new technology partners, to further drive innovation and success.


  • Experience in using advertising platforms for digital campaign management is essential
  • Strong data analysis capabilities
  • Team collaboration
  • Precise attention to detail, with problem solving and results-driven focus
  • Effective time management and optimisation, spanning over several projects simultaneously

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